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Tennis Training Aid – Resistance Bands

October 10th, 2011

Tennis Training Aid – Resistance Bands

tennis training aid

Resistance bands have been used to burn fat and build muscle for nearly 100 years.  Though these tennis training aids come in a variety of forms, the first resistance bands came from surgical tubes.  They were used in medical offices and rehad clinics to as part of physical therapy.

There are 3 things in particular I love about resistance bands: 

  1. Resistance bands are cheap…they cost $10 or less!
  2. Resistance bands are portable…they are small and easy to pack!
  3. Resistance bands work…they give you a great workout!

Just like weight training, resistance bands are great for building strength, endurance and flexibility.  This tennis training helps to improve athletic performance on the court, burns calories, and helps reduce excess body weight and fat.  It is a isometric training took, so it allows you to generate power quickly in one direction.

Tennis Training Aid – Resistance Band Exercises

Here are 12 exercises you can do with your resistance bands…
1.)  Led abduction
2.)  Leg adduction
3.)  Hamstring curl
4.)  Squat
5.)  Lateral raise
6.)  Chest press
7.)  Upper back
8.)  Lat pulldown
9.)  Tricep extension
10.) Bicep curl
11.) Back extension
12.) Reverse crunch
If you are looking to add a tennis training aid, grab some resistance bands and get to work!