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Tennis Workout Success Tips

September 28th, 2011

5 Tips to Stay Motivated on Your Tennis Workout Program

These 5 points will help you stay on track with your tennis workout routine!

tennis workout

When you start a tennis exercise program, you may find yourself looking forward to becoming active. After awhile, you may begin to get bored, especially if you think you are not seeing any quick results. When you start to lose motivation, try one or more of the ideas listed below. They will help you to get refocused on your tennis workout program

Tennis Workout Tip #1 – Schedule It

When you schedule your workout in your calendar, you put the power of intention behind it.  So write it down!

Tennis Workout Tip #2 – Mix It Up

When I start to get bored with my workout routine, I do something different.  The important thing is to keep working!

Tennis Workout Tip #3 – Chart Your Progress

Chart your workout progress, so that you can see that you are doing the work and improving your fitness.

Tennis Workout Tip #4 – Exercise With A Friend

It is easier to get in shape when you can do it with a friend.  Recruit a friend to join you for a tennis workout.

Tennis Workout Tip #5 – Eat After You Workout

The 2nd most important meal of the day (after breakfast) is the post-workout meal.  Immediately after a  workout, your muscles are ready  to receive fuel to start the repair process.  Eat (or drink) your recovery meal right away, within the first half hour after the workout is complete.

I hope these tips will help you stay on track.  I know that they work for me.  :)

If you need some additional help, you should purchase a workout program like Fitness For Tennis.  It will keep you on target, so you can maximize your tennis workout and have greater success on the court!